Christ at Home and Workplace

Are you the one to rebuild my house to dwell in? (2 Samuel 7:5)

The Father wants to restore and restore  the foundation of faith in the heart of his people & families in the UK, Europe and the nations.
The Early Church was established in Faith in their homes, and as they grew in Faith (Christ) the Life of Jesus Christ was multiplied in his people.

With ‘Christ at Home & Workplace’ we believe the vision of Father God is to reveal the Life of Christ and extend his Kingdom,  Intercessors and worshippers are mobilised and trained to be Mobile Houses of Prayer, Intercession and Worship with their families and generations, both at Home and from Home to Workplace 
It’s a mobilisation of an army of the Spirit with one spirit and one purpose to reveal the Life of Christ and advance his Kingdom government across Europe and the nations. (Philippians 1:27 NLT).

In the book of Haggai the Lord awoke the Spirit of Zerubabel the governor, Joshua the Priest and the remanent of the people of God and they came together to rebuild the house of God. 
The moment the Spirit of the Leaders and the Remanent was awakened the rebuilding of the House began.
God Promised them and now He promised us  corporate  :
1.- My spirit will remain among you, do not fear
2.- I will bless you
3.- Be strong in my Grace
4.- I will make you a signet ring (to recover the Authority to reveal Jesus Christ)
5.- I have chosen you to rebuild my House from now onwards: to Reveal the Life of Jesus Christ and advance his Kingdom in your family and Generations, from Home to Workplace.

After the cross, Jesus gave a foundation and identity to the House of God, he said: My House shall be called a House of Prayer for all nations. (Mark 11:17)
Jesus gave identity to you, your family House and the Body of Christ has a name; it is a ‘House of Prayer for all nations’, it is an army of Sons & daughters of the Spirit across the nations. The House of Worship, Prayer and Intercession is preparing the way for the One who is conning, the King of Kings, Jesus Christ.
In this time there is a distinction being made between the humanistic House where man is the Centre and the House of Prayer were our beloved Jesus Christ is the centre .
To rebuild this House corporately with your family and the Body of Christ we need love, humility, obedience and to die daily to our egocentric (or self-centred or selfish) nature at the cross.
The House of Prayer/ Intercession  and Worship is not a concert building is living stones You and your family are the House of Prayer & Intercesión were call to represent Christ and intercede until Christ be formed in us.
Do you see your home as a House of Prayer for Family and Generations ?
Do you see yourself as a mobile House of Prayer of Intercession to bring transformation in your home, Workplace and Society?

He is saying; ‘Are you the one to rebuild my house to dwell in?’ (2 Samuel 7:5)

He is looking for generation that is willing to reveal Christ and return the Presence of his Glory at Home & in the Workplace.


Nidia Gonzalez

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