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Mobile Houses of Prayer

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A Mobile House of Prayer is not a building, it is a person and corporately, a family and the Body of Christ, who are Jesus Christ’s Home on earth and wherever they go they represent Him and extend His Kingdom. It’s time to rebuild His House!

Jesus said, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations’ Mark 11:17 NKJV

The vision of Father God for the worldwide Ecclesia* is to reveal the Life of Christ and His Kingdom through building Mobile Houses of Prayer, Intercession and Worship from Home to Workplace.

Rebuilding a House of Prayer in every life happens when hearts are restored to their original design and relationship as sons and daughters of Father God governed by Jesus Christ. This restoration is with Individuals and families who become Mobile Houses of Prayer (Living Prophetic Altars) with Worship, Intercession, the Word of God and Listening to the Father’s Voice in their daily lives, returning the Presence of his Glory at Home and in the Workplace.


Christ at Home and from Home to Workplace mobilises and trains intercessors and worshippers to be Mobile Houses of Prayer, Intercession and Worship for their families and generations from Home to Workplace to reveal the life of Christ and His Kingdom It’s a mobilisation of an army of the Spirit with one spirit and one purpose to reveal Christ and advance his Kingdom government across Europe and the nations. (Philippians 1:27 NLT). The Houses of Prayer are multiplied through in different homes in the nations to give a First Fruit Offering of Worship and Intercession to Jesus Christ on the First Friday of every Month at 7:00 pm (Local Time).

Be a Mobiliser of other intercessors and worshippers with your family, friends,
neighbours and colleagues in your city and nation!


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The mission

House of Prayer

Mobilising Intercessors with families from Home to Workplace:
Everyday, each member of a family or household has the opportunity to impact different spheres of influence when they go from their home to work, and in their daily activities, as mobile Houses of Prayer, Intercession and Worship.


Mobile Houses of Prayer

We encourage every person and family to build their lives on Christ and with four foundations of His heavenly Government; Prophetic Worship, Intercession, The Word of God, and by Listening and obeying the Father’s Voice, in both the home and workplace.


This is what it means to be a ‘living altar’, a mobile House of Prayer, Intercession and Worship for family and generations. Christ at Home is trans-generational, encouraging the transition from thinking and living individually and soulishly to a corporate mindset, serving others through imparting the Life of Christ and extending His Kingdom to all generations continually.

Wherever God’s divine Government is practised, order is established and with His order reconciliation, restoration and blessing is established for families, generations and nations.

How do the four foundations of the Kingdom (Government) of God Operate on Earth as it is in Heaven? (Matthew 6:10, Revelation 4) :-



I would like to be a Pillar of Prayer and Provision for
Christ at Home and Workplace.